Litchi Juice Filling Sealing Machine Automatic

Semi Automatic Litchi Juice (HDPE) Bottel Filling & Sealing Machine (6 Divide)

Model : LJ/02
Find Details : Product Information:
This Machine is Semi Automatic Litchi juice bottle Filling Sealing Machine.
This Machine is volumetric filling and electrically heated sealing machine.
It can fill any flavour juice products like Litchi, orange juice, grape juice etc.
It can also fill dairy product like Curd, Flavoured Milk, lassi Etc.
M. S. Frame & M.S. Covering in this machine.
Top covering and assembly is in S.S.
Bottle manually keep empty and pick up by yourself.

Features :
• Fast Production
• Perfect Filling And sealing system
• Easy to Operate
• Easy to maintain
• Fully mechanical machine

Technical Specification
Filling Range : Filling Range 50 ml To 500 ml
Machine Capacity: 700 bottle Hr
No Of Station : 4
Power Supply : Single Phase
Motor : 1/2 Hp single phase
Heater : Dia 16mm X L90mm
Tem Controller: 0 To 400 c0 (230vx500w)
Product Contract Parts: S.S. 304
Machine Dimension :LXWXH/38"X 29" X 55"
Warm Reduction : Gear Box
Vacuum : 0.25hp
Weight : 250kg Approx

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